Tom O'Day Productions

2015/ 2016

Lusk Senior Center                             Lusk, WY
Glendo Senior Center                        Glendo,WY 
Wheatland Senior Center                  Wheatland WY
Torrington Senior Center                  Torrington, WY
St. Patrick's Day Parade                    Cody, WY
Guns of the West
Trails Museum                       Casper, WY                    
Thermopolis Parade                      Thermopolis, WY
 Mustang Days Parade 'tentative'       Lovell, WY
Cody Stampede Parade               Cody, WY
Park County Fair Parade 'tent'             Powell, WY
Fremont County Fair Performance & Parade    Riverton, WY
Knight Museum & Sandhills Center                   Alliance, NE
O'Neill Public Library                                         O'Neill, NE
Commemorative Performance City Hall            Dunlap, IA
Siouxland Sr Center                                     Sioux City, IA
Columbus Sr Center                                           Columbus, NE
North Bend Library                                            North Bend, NE
Pine Bluffs Sr Center                                         Pine Bluffs, WY
Meeteetse Labor Day Parade                            Meeteetse, WY                   
Labor Day Parade                                  Meeteetse, WY
Washington County Historical Society - 
            *Guns of the West to Commemorate 152 yrs for Tom O'Day!*
                     Call for details 724-225-6740                             Washington, PA
Big Piney Library                                             Big Piney, WY

Pinedale Library                                              Pinedale, WY

Christmas Parade                                    Cody, WY

Jan            Beehive Retirement Center            Cody WY
Feb            Wyoming Pioneer Home               Basin WY
Mar            Worland Senior Center                Worland WY
                 Lander Senior Center                   Lander WY
Apr            Mountain Plaza Assisted Living     Casper WY
                 Meadow Wind Living Center         Casper WY
                 Primrose Retirement Community  Casper WY
May           Powell Senior Center                    Powell WY
                 Park County Historical Society      Cody WY
                 Grand Old West Days                   Craig CO
                 Encampment Senior Center          Encampment WY
                 Elk Mountain Senior Center          Elk Mountain WY
                 Hanna Senior Center                   Hanna WY
Jun            Lovell Mustang Days Parade         Lovell WY
Jul             Stampede Parade                        Cody WY
                 Park County Fair Parade              Powell WY
                 Shepard of the Valley                   Casper WY
                 Glenrock Senior Center                Glenrock WY
                 Douglas Senior Center                 Douglas WY
                 Glendo Senior Center                   Glendo WY
                 Lovell Museum                            Lovell WY
Sep           Cedar Ridge Retirement Center     Red Lodge MT
                 Billings Senior Center                   Billings MT
Dec            Cody Christmass Parade              Cody WY

2018/2019/( 2020 the year was cancelled....)


March 13    Meeteetse Library

March 21     Sweetwater Retirement Community          Billings, MT      3pm

                      West Park Village                                           Billings, MT      7pm

March 22     Autumn Springs                                             Billings, MT      1:30pm

                     Shell  Community Center                             Shell, WY

March 27     Campbell County Sr Center                         Gillette, WY       1pm

April  4         Senior Center                                                 Moorcroft, WY  7 pm

April  5         Jones County School                                     Murdo, SD         1:30 pm

April 6          Cozad Memorial Library                             Chamberlain, SD 4:30 pm

April 10       Public Library                                                 Mitchell, SD          7 pm

April 12       Edith B Siegrist Library                                  Vermillion, SD 

April 13       Friendship Sr Center                                      Freemont, SD      9:30am

April 16       Grand General Sr Center                              Grand Island, NE 12noon

April 17       Peterson Sr Activity Center                           Kearney, NE 1pm

April 20       Merriman Sr Center                                       Merriman, NE

April 23       Gordon City Library                                       Gordon, NE

April 24       Hot Springs Public School                             Hot Springs, NE

July 3,4      Cody Stampede Parade                                  Cody WY

Oct 15       Campbell County Sr Center                             Gillette, WY       

Oct 23       Gillette Sr Center

                   Buffalo Sr Center                                               Buffalo, WY

Oct 26       Lovell Sr Center                                                  Lovell, WY

Oct 29      Basin Elementary                                                Basin, WY     2019

April       10  Spearfish Senior Center, Spearfish, S.D. 4:00 pm
               11  Belle Fourche Senior Center, Belle Fourche, S.D.  1:30 pm
                      Tri-State Museum, Belle Fourche, S.D.
               16  Keystone Senior Center, Keystone, S.D.  6:00 pm
                26 The Journey Museum, Rapid City, S.D. 
  May        Pending
June        29 Lovell Mustang Days Parade 10:00 am
July          3,4  Cody Stampede 100th Centennial Parade Cody, WY
Aug        Pending
Sep        Meeteetse Labor Day Parade  Meeteetse, WY
                Deadwood Museum


February    Park County Public Library            Cody WY
March        Long Term Care Center WPHS       Cody WY
                 St Patrick's Day Parade                Cody WY
May           Cody Senior Center                      Cody WY
                 Shoshoni Senior Center                Shoshoni WY
June          Greybull Parade and performance  Greybull WY
July           Absaroka Living Center                 Cody WY
                 Cody Stampede Parade                Cody WY
                 Dubois Library                             Dubois WY
                 Emeritus Absoroka Living Center   Cody WY
                 Dubois Day of the Cowboy            Dubois WY
                 Fort Pierre Historical Society         Ft. Pierre Wy
August       Devils Tower National Monument   Hylett WY
Dec            Lysite School                               Lysite WY

Shoshone School                       Mar         Shoshoni, WY
Chugwater Fund Raiser                            Chugwater, WY
Library                                                      Kaycee, WY
Library                                                      Buffalo, WY
Library                                        Apr        Hulett, WY
Library                                                      Moorecroft, WY
Library                                                      Sundance, WY
State Museum                                           Cheyenne, WY
School                                        May        Lysite, WY
Library                                                      Medicine Bow, WY
Library                                                      Rawlins, WY
Library                                                      Baggs, WY
Library                                                      Rock Springs, WY
Library                                                      Lyman, WY
Library                                                      Evanston, WY
Jubilee Days                            Jun            Glen Rock, WY
Rodeo & Parade                                        Thermopolis, WY
Rodeo & Parade                      Jul             Red Lodge, MT
Stampede Parade                                      Cody, WY
Nat'l Trails Interpretive Cntr                    Casper, WY
Van Fleet Wagon Train                            Farson, WY
Library                                                      Bridger, MT
Ranchester Middle School Nov Ranchester, WY

Converse County Library          Feb         Douglas, WY
National Festival of the West    Mar         Scottsdale, AZ
Natrona County Library            Apr         Casper, WY
Hole in the Wall Ride with        Jun         Spring Creek Ranch, Kaycee,WY
     Great American Adventures                
Wyoming Jubalee Days                           Glenrock, WY
Fremont County Library                           Riverton, WY
Rodeo & Parade                                       Thermopolis, WY       
Stampede Rodeo Parade            Jul           Cody, WY
Library                                                      Red Lodge, WY
Park County Fair Parade                           Powell, WY
KOA Campground                    Aug         Cody, WY
Outlaw Trail Ride                                      Birds Eye Pass, WY
Green River Lakes                                    Wind River Mts, WY
Labor Day Parade                      Sep          Meeteetse, WY
Rawlins Depot                                           Rawlins, WY
Carbon County Travel Counsil                 Saratoga, WY
Library                                       Oct          Dubois, WY
Hot Springs County Library                      Thermopolis, WY
Library                                       Nov         Gillette, WY
Library                                                       New Castle, WY
Library                                                       Sundance, WY

Festival of the West                          March             Scottsdale, AZ
Cody Stampede Parade                     July                Cody, WY
Park County Fair Parade                                          Cody, WY
Meeteetse Dutch Oven Cook-Off                            Meeteetse, WY
Meeteetse Parade                              Sept                Meeteetse, WY
Deaver Arts Festival                         Sept.                Deaver, WY

Cody Library                                    Jan                  Cody, Wyoming
Northwest College                       
Centennial Celebration                    Feb                  Powell, Wyoming
Festival of the West                         Mar                 Scottsdale, AZ
Polecat Ramblers RV Club             Apr                  Powell, Wyoming
Cody Cattle Company Chuck
Wagon BBQ & Dinner Show         Jun-Sep           Cody, Wyoming
Outlaw Café                                    Jun                  Cody, Wyoming
Shoshoni Alumni Dinner                Jun                  Shoshoni, Wyoming
Hell on Wheels Cowboy
Shooting Championships                Jul                   Cheyenne, Wyoming

Festival of the West                        March                     Phoenix, Arizona
Cody Cowboy Ballads & Stories        April                       Cody, Wyoming
Occidental Hotel                             June 6                    Buffalo, Wyoming
Spring Creek Ranch                        June 7                    Kaycee, Wyoming
Outlaw Cafe                                   June 13                  Cody, Wyoming
Buffalo Trader                                June 20 - 21           Cody, Wyoming
1880s Town                                   July 8 - 20              Murdo, South Dakota

Festival of the West                                                               Phoenix, Arizona
Battle at Little Big Horn                                                         Gary Owens, Montana
Butch Cassidy Days                                                               Laramie, Wyoming
Western Outlaw Festival                                                        Laramie, Wyoming
SASS Hell on Wheels                                                             Cheyenne, Wyoming
K3 Guest Ranch Bed & Breakfast Tipi Talk                               Cody, Wyoming
Wyoming Muscular Dystrophy Event                                       Casper, Wyoming
Cody Cowboy Ballads and Stories                                           Cody, Wyoming
Robins Nest Bed & Breakfast                                                  Cody, Wyoming
Occidental Hotel                                                                    Buffalo, Wyoming
Riverfest                                                                               Belle Fourche, South Dakota

Cody Public Library                                                               Cody, Wyoming
Cody Club Meeting                                                                Cody, Wyoming
Cody Chamber of Commerce                                                  Cody, Wyoming
Festival of the West                                                               Phoenix, Arizona
Shoshoni Centennial                                                              Shoshoni, Wyoming
K3 Guest Ranch Bed & Breakfast                                            Cody, Wyoming
Montana Muscular Dystrophy Seminar                                     Belfry, Montana
Cheyenne Cowboy Symposium                                               Cheyenne, Wyoming 

Festival of the West                                                               Phoenix, Arizona
End of the Trail, SASS                                                            
SASS Convention                                                                  Las Vegaz, NV

Festival of the West                                                              Phoenix, Arizona
End of the Trail, SASS                                                            
Hell on Wheels, SASS                                                            Cheyenne, Wyoming
SASS Convention                                                                  Las Vegaz, NV
Mountana State Shoot                                                           Garry Owen, MT 

End of the Trail, SASS                                                            Nonco, CA
Hell on Wheels, SASS                                                             Cheyenne, Wyoming